The MSCS who couldn’t ?>

The MSCS who couldn’t

I recently took part in some interviews for prospective interns at my company. I normally like doing interviews. I like talking to people about the projects they’ve worked on and what their interests are. I also like seeing different approaches to the programming problems I present. Some of the interviews went well. A couple candidates came up with approaches that I hadn’t seen before. In the end, their solutions didn’t work but it was interesting to see how they thought…

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Magic fields in the API ?>

Magic fields in the API

On a recent project I was working on, I was helping to build a frontend application. All the data that we used was managed by a partner, backend team that exposed the data through some APIs. That’s a fairly standard setup. The weird thing was that in most cases, the APIs provided direct access to the datastore. They didn’t do much validation, they just provided a way to get and set the data. In some cases, if particular fields were…

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Good enough for an OS ?>

Good enough for an OS

To me, OS choice is an interesting topic. Working in the tech industry, I’ve seen a lot of people that get almost religious about the OS that they choose to run. For me, there’s not much of a choice anymore. I work at Microsoft and so I use a lot of Microsoft technologies, including Windows. It hasn’t always been this way though. Growing up, my family used Macs. I remember installing System 6 and 7 and then being excited to…

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Windows Phone reminds me of the old Apple ?>

Windows Phone reminds me of the old Apple

I recently gave up my Windows Phone (WP) and went back to Android. My main reasons are the typical ones that you hear from others that have done the same: lack of apps, no appealing phones, Microsoft developing their apps for other platforms, and so on. This post isn’t about all the reasons I left, it’s just an observation about the state of WP. You see, I actually really liked WP. Apple phones have never been interesting to me, that’s…

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